Friday, May 1, 2009

Tiny Mac haul!

So I finally received my package from Mac in the mail! I must say I wasn't very ecstatic with the Rose Romance collection. Most of it just didn't really scream need me. The only thing that I really wanted was the Mutiny pigment. Which I must say is gorgeous. If you only get one thing get this pigment(if you love blues)! I can't wait to try this on, its the perfect sky blue color!

I also ordered one other thing which was a dazzleglass. I haven't ever bought a dazzleglass before so this was my first one. They are more expensive then the regular lipglass and do have less product but I must say they are amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing this color and others. The only I got is 'Steppin' Out' which is a gorgeous bright pink color with pink reflects glitter. What more could a girl ask for pink and sparkly!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Look at what my local cd store gave me!!! I love it, its as big as my wall!! So now when I'm on my computer I get to stare at this!!

Little Haul and Brush Holder

So I finally have gotten around to getting some glass holders and beads to store my brushes rather than just have them laying around! I think it turned out great. I as well put all my eyeliners and mascaras in the holder in the middle so now I can find them easier!

I ran out of my shampoo last night so I needed to replace it! I am so loving this shampoo at the moment! Its the Lanza healing moisture and since I dye my hair blonde it tends to get a bit dry, this puts the moisture right back in and leaves it feeling so soft!!

The nice thing was at the place I went to to get my shampoo (and I had to get my husbands as well) if you spent over $40 you got a free OPI nail polish! It was so my lucky day! The hardest part was choosing which one to get. I ended up getting 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie' . It's a gorgeous pink mauve color!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesturday at work I picked up two new nailpolishes to add to my collection. The lighter pink one is called "Princesses Rule" ( I couldnt resist I loved the name lol) and the brighter pink one is called "Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot"

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So I finally am getting around to posting my new goodies!!! These aren't something that I went out and posted on one day I have been collection for about a month now. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Studio Finish Concealer NW25: I really don't know if I am 100% loving this. I don't think its really the right color for me. It does look a tad orangy on the skin but the one lighter than this was too light!!

Genifique: This is lancomes newest skincare product and its amazing!! It's a youth activator and what it does is helps the skin produce more youth proteins in the skin. So the skins tone and texture is more refined, it feels softer and looks more vibrant!

These are Estee Lauders new double wear creme shadows. Which are easily a dupe for Macs cream bases. The colors I bought were Sea mist (top color) and Golden Apricot (bottom color)

Macs Grand Duo Blush in Moon River, Love Rock and Grand Duo! I love these they just give the perfect hint of color.

Mac eyeshadows in Vellum and Dear Cupcake

Mac's Melon Pigment which is a gorgeous pinky golden color

Mac Paint Pot in Fresco Rose

Mac 109 and 188 brush

Mac Red velvet shadstick: originally I wasn't going to buy this but when i was in the Mac store the girl who was helping me was wearing this and it looked good so i bought it

Mac lipstick in Speed Dial (cremesheen) and Lollipop Loving (glaze)

Mac lipglass in Cultured

Lancome eyeshadow Duo in Velvet Corail

Lancome eyeshadow Quad in Innocence Couture

Lancome color design lipstick in Pale Lip: this is one of my fav lipsticks by lancome it is the perfect nude lip color for me

Monday, April 6, 2009

Okay I have been so bad and not updated in way too long! I have a huge haul that i need to put up that I have collected over the last month. Some from the new mac collections and some other random stuff from other lines. I will try to get it posted by Thursday!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a quick note!

It's snowing again outside!! I really thought winter was over for the year, but I guess we cant be that lucky. And now I'm sitting drinking my coffee trying todecided weither or not I should try driving into work. We live up like 3 big hills to get to the main roads and they are always awful to drive on when it snows; and besides when it snows it is so dead at the store anyways.

One more quick thing if anyone wants to add me to twitter my name is the same as my name on here which is fairydust277

hope everyone is having a great day!!