Friday, May 1, 2009

Tiny Mac haul!

So I finally received my package from Mac in the mail! I must say I wasn't very ecstatic with the Rose Romance collection. Most of it just didn't really scream need me. The only thing that I really wanted was the Mutiny pigment. Which I must say is gorgeous. If you only get one thing get this pigment(if you love blues)! I can't wait to try this on, its the perfect sky blue color!

I also ordered one other thing which was a dazzleglass. I haven't ever bought a dazzleglass before so this was my first one. They are more expensive then the regular lipglass and do have less product but I must say they are amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing this color and others. The only I got is 'Steppin' Out' which is a gorgeous bright pink color with pink reflects glitter. What more could a girl ask for pink and sparkly!!


Belle Du Jour said...

Hi,Great blog! I didnt get anything from Rose Romance, was very boring to me. I was thinking about picking up Mutiny though. I am still deciding if I need a blue! come stop by my blog to say hello and take a look around! Hope to see you there.
xx Belle

Liparazzi said...

Hi, Have a look at my blog, I used Mutiny for my first FOTD and it is a beautiful colour. I love it!Come by and say hi sometime, love your blog! x

Valz said...

Nice lil haul!

The lipgloss looks amazing :O

Skyan said...

Please Post again!

I am sure you have more make up now that you can tell us about.

I have seen your bathroom LOL