Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Makeup Haul + Hello Kitty!!

I know I hav'nt posted in awhile! My camera has not been working lately so I havnt been able to post any pictures! It seems to be working again for the time being so I thought I would post some pics of some of the new things I have got.

This is Estee Lauder's new Pure Color Gloss Stick in 'Pink Sorbet'! I just got this yesturday so I have only tried it out once but it's a gorgeous pink color. It gives good color like a lipstick would but still has the shine like gloss does. They have quite a few colors and are going to be part of the permenant line.

I also Back to Mac my empty eyeshadow pots and got 2 eyeshadows. Mulch and dazzlelight!

Dazzlelight and Mulch swatch

Then from Hello Kitty I got tippy blush! This is a gorgeous pink color on the cheeks. It is a beauty powder blush so have to be careful when applying.

I was also at a Mac Pro store and have been looking for a nice dark purple. This is what teh Mac MA suggested. Its still not 100 percent the color what I have been looking for but its gorgeous so I had to get it. Also its my first Mac pigment! The color is Grape and it is a pro color at least thats what he told me.

I also got a few more things from Hello Kitty! All my Hello Kitty stuff was a present from my hubby!

Top: Mimmy
Bottom: Nice Kitty

Nice Kitty and Mimmy

Last item is probably my fav from the collection. The tinted lip conditioner in 'Pink Fish'. I love the way this looks and smells. I'm almost tempted to buy a back up but I know this will last awhile.

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Vicky said...

Grape pigment looks so pretty! =)
Too bad I don't have a Pro store here. =(

Nice haul! =D