Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Haul and Brush Holder

So I finally have gotten around to getting some glass holders and beads to store my brushes rather than just have them laying around! I think it turned out great. I as well put all my eyeliners and mascaras in the holder in the middle so now I can find them easier!

I ran out of my shampoo last night so I needed to replace it! I am so loving this shampoo at the moment! Its the Lanza healing moisture and since I dye my hair blonde it tends to get a bit dry, this puts the moisture right back in and leaves it feeling so soft!!

The nice thing was at the place I went to to get my shampoo (and I had to get my husbands as well) if you spent over $40 you got a free OPI nail polish! It was so my lucky day! The hardest part was choosing which one to get. I ended up getting 'Aphrodite's Pink Nightie' . It's a gorgeous pink mauve color!!


iambeautiful20 said...

the brush holder is cute. I need one of those badly lol

happy1234 said...

Those are so nice :)

Skyan said...

O Can I borrow that colour Please?