Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 Favorite Lip products!

I saw this tag on youtube awhile back but I still wanna post it anyways!!!

I first wanna start off by saying i love lipgloss, and I cant really say if this are the ones I really really love (I swear I have over 50 lipglosses) these are just the ones that are in my purse right now that i tend to use the most right now! It will probably change by next month, but oh well!!

So in no particular order these are my top 6 right now!

#1 Burts Bee in cranberry: My sister introduced me to burts bees last year and i love this lip product! I put it on every night before I go to bed and it helps make my lips feel soft and smooth.

#2 Soft Lips in strawberry: I think I first heard of this lip product from Pinkiecharm a guru on youtube, and now I cant live without it. I keep one by my computer and another I keep in my purse

#3 Smashbox O-gloss: This is another product that I found watching youtube videos though I cant remember who it was exactly. I love the fact that this is a different shade of pink on everyone as well as it feels really smooth on, not sticky at all.

#4 Mac plushglass in Posh it Up: This was the first Mac lipgloss I ever purchased so it will always have a place! This was the one that started my addiction hehe.

#5 Nars Orgasm: Need I say more, I think most girls already have this in their collection.

#6 Macs lipstick in Angel: I only purchased this a few weeks ago but it has fastly gained a spot in my top favorites. I think this may be my HG lipstick. I really don't like lipstick I'm much more a lipgloss girl but I LOVE this color, and I will definitely purchase again. I'm already thinking I should buy a backup cause I would hate to run out.

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