Monday, January 12, 2009


These are my swatches from my newest Mac Haul!!

Teddy eyeliner and Black Russian eyeliner! This picture does not do Black Russian justice. You can;t even see the silver sparkle in it, its really pretty!!

Knight Devine and Pen'n'Pink

Well Dressed Blush and Redhead MSF!!! Well Dressed Blush is a really light pink and since I'm fair to begin with it didn't show up that dark on my hand, but trust me on its a really pretty baby pink and gives the cheeks a really pretty sheen.


Pretty in Pink said...

I love the Teddy Eye Kohl. I have gone through at least 6 of them by now!

Vane. said...

I can SO relate to your comment about buying cosmetics.....its such a addictive thing....I think i have set and broken that rule many times.... :)