Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My holiday haul!!

I picked up a few goodies over the last few weeks!!! I just havnt had time to do much posting as I have been busy with the holidays and family!

The first thing I got was these two LE lustreglasses. I ordered them off of the Mac webpage. I cant remember which collection they were from. I think it was the naughty nautical collection.

The next thing I purchased also online was the mac tinted lip conditioner in petting pink. I like the way this feels on the lips, though the smell is a bit overpowering. Its a very very sweet smell; stronger than the normal lipglass.

During the holidays my husband and i went to visit his family! Since I dont have a Mac store close to us while we were there visting his family I stopped by the Mac store and picked up a few items than were on my wish list.

I really really wanted to get Feline eye kohl power pencil; but since it was LE and i totally missed out on getting it! So i settled for the next best thing, Macs eye kohl in Smolder. I really like how smooth this goes on and its really black. The only thing is it does smudge a bit throughout the day but it doesnt really bother me that much.

The next thing i got was an LE eyeshadow in Glamour Check from the starflash collection. I havnt used this yet but it is a really pretty brownish red color. Sorry the picture quality isnt the best.

The next thing I got I have been wanting for awhile after hearing a lot of good reviews on it; and that is Angel lipstick. I'm not very fond of lipsticks usually I'm very much a lipgloss girl but I LOVE this color. Its a really pretty pale pink.

The next thing I got was the LE color love knot lustreglass (left side) and Flusterose lustreglass(right side)!! I really seem to have a lot of lustreglasses!!

I then got my 1st 15 slot pallet. I have a lot of eyeshadows in pots and a few quads but i hadnt yet bought a pallet. So i also bought a few colors to go in it.
Row 1: Brule, saddle, wedge, satin taupe and sketch
I also got springsheen blush which looks a lot like my peechykeen blush; but it was a bit more gold in it.
I also got Macs 222 blending brush for the crease! This is a must have brush, I love it!
The last thing I hot was Dior Addict lipgloss in 157in Jersey Pink

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