Sunday, January 11, 2009

OMG Another mac haul.....

OK thats it I am so banning myself from shopping. No more makeup till after Hello Kitty comes out. So I had already placed my BBR collection order on the Mac website a few days ago; then my friend invited me to come shopping with her today. The mall we went to which is about an hour away from where we live has a mac store. Before we left I told myself I was only going to go to the Mac counter in the Bay and not the freestanding store as I had a 50 bay card and that way at least it wouldnt seem so bad if I bought a few things cuz I had the giftcard. Well it started out as a good idea but everything I wanted the Bay Mac counter seemed to be out of and they didnt even have the BBR collection so I ended up only buying two things there; which was Well Dressed blush and cremestick lipliner in Pink Treat.

My friend and I then made our way over to the freestanding store...

I got eyeshadows in Knight Devine and Pen'n'Pink (which the MA told me is being discontinued, so I'm glad I was still able to get this)

I also got Teddy kohl eyeline which I have wanted for awhile since I dont have a nice brown eyeline that I really love. I then asked the MA if by chance they still had Feline kohl power eyeline which I have been obsessed with trying to find ever since I have seen reviews on it and seen 'AllThatGlitters21' videos on YouTube using it, but of course they ddint have it. I really really hope they re-release it this year in a collection. Anyways she asked me if I had seen Black Russian, which is a pearlglide eyeliner, and I hadnt so she showed me. It's a really pretty black eyeliner with silver sparkle in it. She told me it had been LE from another collection and they happened to still have some left; so I ended up buying that as well!!

Then I was asking her about the MSF's. I have already purchased the Blonde MSF from the website but my stuff hasnt been shipped out yet. I wanted to know how different the Redhead MSF was from Soft and Gentle. She told me Soft and Gentle is more champagne where the Redhead is more peachy. Then she put some on me and I was totally sold. The Redhead MSF is gorgeous. It made me face glow. I think this may be my new fav MSF, but I will wait to declare this till I get my Blonde MSF.

So that's all for this haul and other than the stuff I ordered online thats it. I'm done till February when Hello Kitty comes out, my wallet can't take anymore!! If anyone wants and swatches or reviews on anything let me know!


happy1234 said...

I would like swatches of them please.

FabDiva20 said...

Nice haul! I'm done purchasing MAC makeup as well until Hello Kitty and I'm going to the event that's on February 3rd to buy my Hello Kitty purchases early and will also buy more online.