Monday, January 12, 2009

Estee Lauder Shadowstick

OK so I have already broke my no buying any cosmetic rule. I seriously can't help myself. But I needed this so I figure it doesn't really count.

I have read and seen a lot of reviews for Mac's shadowstick in Sharkskin and since it's discontinued I wanted to find something close. Well I think I found it! It's Estee Lauder's shad0wstick in Black Pearl, which is more of a darker grey than black but it's amazing with a dark eyeshadow over it!! See the pics below...

Estee Lauder Shadowstick in Black Pearl

It really makes a difference in the eyeshadow color with the shadowstick under it. I love it and can't wait to try it tomorrow!

First stripe is shadowstick color, second stripe is Lancome eyeshadow in Trendy on top of the shadowstick and last stripe is the eyeshadow color by itself.


Pretty in Pink said...

Wow! It does make the eyeshadow on top look amazing.

macosophy said...

Hi Pamela! I'm not sure which city you live in Canada but there's still Sharkskin Shadesticks available at the MAC Pro Store in Vancouver.